This website contains documentation for various projects that I have built, and for other electrical endeavors that I have pursued. The focus is on microcontroller based stuff and hardware hacks.

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Site news

March 3rd 2013

New Lars' Electric Endeavors website!

I have created a new website to take over from this old one. Any new stuff I generate will be published there. For the time being, this website will continue to exist, but the comment and contact forms are disabled.

Please check out my new website, and all the new stuff I'm working at!



Jan 15th 2008

MMC2IEC is really taking off!

Recently I did a google search on mmc2iec and wow! The effort people put into this stuff is amazing! All the activity in the forums, all the incredible projects and developments people have done! I'm humbled to see that the M2I file format I came up with for firmware 0.8 is now a well established way of loading single and multipart games from SD-Card into C64: have a look at this list of M2I games. And how better to be reminded about the current state of affairs for MMC2IEC by reading a well written wiki page ;)

I am not to thank for all these great developments, as I have had the C64 and the DTV put on a the shelf for a rather long time. My interest in retro computing comes in bursts, and in between the bursts I'm not doing much about it.

So, its great that Unseen is developing new firmware for MMC2IEC'ish hardware (he also supports M2I by the way). And it sounds like he got the IEC bus implementation just right - something I never managed to do entirely in my firmware.

Some day I might do an update on my MMC2IEC firmware, perhaps inspired by developments in Unseens code. And I have a few other crazy ideas in the back of my head I might try with the C64 one day.

By the way, my California trip went to be a three week visit only (which was great), after which I got back to Denmark. And now I'm in a nice job where I get to develop embedded hardware/software full time!

All the best and happy hacking,

Lars Pontoppidan


Currently hacking


Apr 20th 2007

SickSack completed

SickSack is the name of the snake robot Aske Olsson and I created for DTU robocup 2007. I have just posted an article about this super fun project.

Of other stuff. Check out the currently hacking picture, it shows how I have managed to create an USB keyboard from an IBM ThinkPad 600X keyboard part. Yes, the classic and never bettered laptop keyboard, as an USB peripheral. And it works brilliantly. I have mounted the missing trackpoint's buttons as left/right Windows and context menu buttons.


Apr 5th 2007

Master's thesis handed in and new MMC2IEC version!

Three days ago me and my buddy handed in our master' thesis. Despite best efforts to start writing in good time, we ended up being incredibly busy the last week. But now its over, and I'm reasonably happy with the result.

Now that I'm a free for hacking again, the MMC2IEC software has just received a version bump. Check out the change log.

Of other stuff, I have just ordered a ridiculously expensive FGPA development board with a Xilinx Spartan 3 (400K gates), that I'm going to use for some interesting stuff. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

And, oh yes, there is the snake robot on the picture. Me and my buddy at the university are going to get that one rattling very soon.


Feb 5th 2007

Wooden DTV and MMC2IEC write-ups done!

My DTV mod is done with the MMC2IEC device on a PCB and I have completed the write ups. Finally.


Nov 12th 2006

Capmeter article up

Read about my capacitance meter made with an AVR and a 16x2 LCD. It works pretty well and has showed to be pretty useful. I did the actual hardware some time ago, so I though it was about time to do the write up...


Jul 23rd 2006

MMC to IEC to C64-DTV

There have been some breakthroughs with my C64 DTV hacking. Some time ago I got it embedded in a home built wooden case. It serves the purpose quite well and it has a very primitive feel to it... I also modified the flawed PAL circuit to make the colors better.

The more interesting breakthrough is with my 1541 drive emulation project. A microcontroller interfaces a SD/MMC memory card, using a FAT16/32 driver, and acts like a 1541 drive through the IEC bus.

As of now, you get a directory listing when you issue a LOAD"$",8. If you LOAD a directory, you change directory and get a new listing. If you load a .prg file - well then you load the C64 program! And it actually works.

In about a month I expect to complete a write up on all of this, stay tuned!


Apr 23rd 2006

Doing some serious DTV tampering

In the last week or two, I've been working with a C64 DTV as my way of omitting study-duties.

I've seperated the PCB and built it into a nice wooden box, though "nice" should be taken in an acedemic way perhaps...



Apr 19th 2006

Projects are coming up!

Currently I'm working at getting "old" projects uploaded. Stand by for a AVR based capacitance meter that I have build, and a complete user interface + remote control hack for my cheap-ass DVD player.